Parrog, Newport, Pembrokeshire

Old Port, beach, and small vessel moorings.

Parrog and Parrog Beach have a long history within the boating world. Originally created to serve as a port, it still has some of its history visible. There is a lime kiln remaining, along with some original quay walls. An old warehouse now houses the Boat Club, a member only club that has changing rooms, shower facilities and a bar.

View of Newport Sands and Morfa Head from the old lime kiln

There is a touring caravan park / camping site at Parrog which sits just behind the quay wall and gives quick easy access to Parrog Beach. It is also only a short walk in to the main town of Newport from the camp site. Situated at the entrance to the camp site is a café which has ice creams, drinks and a varied menu for lunches etc..

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The river at the Parrog is now far too shallow to house anything bigger than recreational and small fishing boats, and the sandbar at The Cwm can make for some interesting navigational experiences depending on the tidal situation.

Mid tide with a handful of boats in the estuary

There is a small car park at the Parrog with four points of entry to the beach for launching boats, one of which is four wheel-drive recommended. The Nevern estuary which flows through The Parrog has extended boat moorings towards the east.

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An old crossing point known as 'The Chain' still exists for anyone wishing to wade across the estuary to Traeth Mawr (Big Beach) at low tide (ask a local to point you in the right direction). This crossing can be achieved by removing your shoes and socks and rolling up your trousers to knee level. Any other crossings on the lower Nevern Estuary near Parrog Beach are only advisable at it's widest points at low tide.

A Parrog beach sunset

Parrog also plays host to some of the most spectacular sunsets. At different times of the year the sun can set behind Dinas Island making for some dramatic silhouettes of the headland. During the summer the sun sets in to the Irish Sea - be warned, once you experience a Parrog sunset you'll be hooked for life!

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The Parrog can be found by following the sign from the main A487 that runs through the centre of Newport. The Parrog is also on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.